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In India education is the joint responsibility of state and centre governments .Even though participation of private organization as well as charitable trusts are also joining their hands in the education field is inevitable .Though with all the above efforts can’t say that the achievement of giving education to all sectors yet to be fulfilled. As such in India 100 % literacy happened only at Kerala state and why don’t we fulfill the same in remaining States.

At present current surveys says that schools which are available beyond 3 kilometers and above, which has to be made every 1 kilometer destination. Royal Agro & Dairy Limited would like to join our hands in the field of education and try to fulfill our best services for the sake of literacy and try to reach the maximum destination wherever it is possible.

Marriage Halls

Now days Marriage Halls lead a vital role in all families. Eventually marriage halls are utilized not only for marriage which can be used for other occasions such as birthday parties, girl puberty function ,post functions of marriage such as “Poochootal“ ”Samantha” in even for the first birthday of new born babies etc which goes on.

It so happens even the people try to establish their status by way of performing big famous marriage halls in this regard. Even people they are not mind about much of affordability but celebrate the functions nicely.

But whatever it is marriage is a one time top functions of everybody’s life .Almost all marriage halls are always shown as “House Full” during marriage seasons .Only certain middle class people goes for community halls run by government/corporation/municipality etc. It so happens in this marriage halls field ,the other type of accessories such as catering /water/music parties/dance parties/photo and video graphers/maganthi makers/beauty parlors/ice cream bars etc getting into that indirectly .As such marriage hall business in now a days goes profitably ,no doubt on it. The company would like to join in the field of “Marriage Halls” in a near future so the Royal customers (Policy Holders) can celebrate their functions in maximum discounted rates.


Even with extraordinary growth in the field of energy still we are in deficit of electricity.Our country needs of power more than 88,000 M.W and we are still to reach the goal.o achieve the goal and to get more electricity the ministry of power is encouraging WINDMILL projects exclusively.Recent surveys says that 1,25000 villages and 18,000 villagers still to enjoy electricity.By using of alternative sources like WINDMILL, solar energy systems and to increase the power and it’s sure we can even lit the villagers and villages houses & streets.We Royal Agro & Diary Limited have vision to install WINDMILLS wherever which can be fixed and get electricity and to give it to the connected government bodies and give the fruits to the public.

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